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Tennis elbow treatment
Tennis elbow treatment is essential to renewing and revitalizing your tendons. There are several kinds of tennis elbow treatment that can help you heal better, safer, and faster.

History of tennis
The history of tennis, from the 1850's to present: the true history of tennis, today's modern tennis, started with Goodyear's invention of vulcanized rubber.

How to choose a tennis racquet
Want to know how to choose a tennis racquet? These helpful hints will help you learn how to choose a tennis racquet.

How to grip a tennis racquet
Find out how to grip a tennis racquet with a Continental grip. Learning how to grip a tennis racquet is as easy as learning how to shake a hand.

How to play tennis
The basics of how to play tennis: here are some basic tips to get you on your way to learning how to play tennis.

Tennis apparel
What makes good tennis apparel? Learn about some bad choices in tennis apparel and some good ones.

Tennis balls
Learn more about tennis balls. Learn about the ball fuzziness and ball numbers, the difference between pressurized and pressureless tennis balls and regular duty and extra duty balls.

Tennis elbow
How to prevent tennis elbow. Tips on preventing tennis elbow.

Tennis rules article
When you play tennis, there are tennis rules that must be followed. Unfortunately, as long as you are unaware of these basic tennis rules, you are not a "real" tennis player.

Tennis tips
There are tons of great tennis tips online to help you sharpen your skills and become a better player. Certain tennis tips can really improve your game, even if you're an expert or anyone else!

Junior tennis racquets
What size junior tennis racquet should your child start out with? Here are some general rules to follow when picking our junior tennis racquets for your children - consider the height and age of your child.

Tennis elbow exercises
Tennis elbow exercises are essential to the rehabilitation of your tendons. There are several kinds of tennis elbow exercises that can help you heal better, safer, and faster.

Tennis for beginners
Tennis can be a difficult sport. The most basic rules of tennis are, however, the core of the game. The first guidelines you will learn about tennis are the essential techniques to know.

U.S. open tennis article
The U.S. open tennis game developed from an entertainment event for the elite, originating from two different competitions.

Tennis accessories
Find out about some of the best tennis accessories, ones that everyone should have. Wondering which tennis accessories you should take with you to the court?

Tennis strings
There is a lot more to tennis strings than meets the eye. After all, many people, when looking at a tennis racquet, see only the frame – and the frame is what these people spend most of their focus and money on.

Tennis shoes
When you are serious about tennis—you must focus on nothing but the game. You want to do your very best, but even someone with the greatest talent and skill can be unfortunately effected by painful tennis shoes.

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