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Tennis clothing

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Tennis clothing

Tennis clothingWhile it is true that a tennis racket and a ball are the most fundamental pieces of tennis equipment, tennis clothing can greatly affect a game, too. If you are playing tennis is uncomfortable, stuffy, tangling clothing, you are going to have trouble focusing on the game. You need to be sure that you are wearing proper tennis clothing.

Here are some examples of proper tennis clothing, from head to foot:

  • Visor, hat, or headband - on a sunny day, on an outdoor tennis court, a visor or hat is a great piece of tennis clothing to have. It protects your eyes from the brightness of the sun and allows you greater visibility. It also protects your face from the sun. Look for a light weight visor or hat, maybe one with mesh. Be sure it has a soft headband and easy adjustability. A sweatband headband is great for keeping the sweat from dripping in your eyes and also for keeping your hair out of your face.
  • T-shirt or tank top - when shopping for tennis clothing like t-shirts, you want to be sure that you look for items that are loose but not too big. You want to be sure that you have full freedom of movement. A shirt that does not fit right can be binding. Also look for fabrics that will wick sweat away, thereby keeping you cooler. Also realize that certain (but not many) high-end clubs may require a white shirt and/or a shirt with a collar.
  • Tank with built-in bra - this is obviously something that only the women would be wearing. Such a tank should be form-fitting, but not too tight. Realize that built-in bras most often do not offer the same amount of support as a regular sports bra.
  • Tennis skirt or tennis dress and tennis panties - again, these items of tennis clothing are meant for the ladies of tennis. Tennis skirts have been a standard item of tennis clothing for women to wear on the courts, but the styles have changed and even tennis dresses are oft seen on the courts. No longer are women given solely the option of pleated skirts, but short stretchy skirts or skirts with built-in shorts and other styles are available. The important thing is that you can move well. You need to be able to take a long stride without feeling bound by your tennis skirt.
  • Tennis shorts - these are standard tennis clothing for men, but many women prefer tennis shorts, as well. Again, make sure that you can move in them and that they are made from sweat wicking materials. Also, make sure that the waist band is lined and comfortable. You do not want to have to deal with any pesky seams.
  • Tennis warm-up suit - this is great to wear to and from the court, to make sure that you stay a good temperature. There are many stylish tennis warm-up suits that you can also keep on for when you need to run errands before or after a lesson or match.
  • Socks - while not necessarily tennis "clothing," your socks are very important if you want to stay comfortable. Get a pair of socks that stay in place (you don't want your ankle socks slipping into your shoes or your tube socks sliding down to your ankles). Again, look for a wicking material. Also look for cushioned soles. Pair your socks with a good pair of tennis shoes, and you are set.

As you can tell the tennis clothing that you wear is very important.

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