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U.S. open tennis article

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U.S. open tennis article

U.S. open tennis article

Officially the Open Era in tennis began in the year 1968. Its popularity spread throughout the tennis enthusiast community. In 2006 the U.S. open set many records, Television ratings promoting our team, as well as website traffic. Ticket sales were always high—in fact, higher than ever before. U.S. open tennis set a record in 2006 because of best attendance as well, and is expected to rise to virtually sixty-four thousand next.

When instant replay was applied to the U.S. open tennis (also in 2006), U.S. open tennis was declared, therefore, that 2006 would prove to be a historic evolutionary time for U.S. open tennis. There was seventeen million dollars for the winners of U.S. open tennis tournaments. Choosing over six hundred individual professional tennis players, both male and female, would win approximately one million per winner provided as prize money.

The U.S. open tennis game developed from an entertainment event for the elite, originating from two different competitions:

• Men’s tournament:

o The “National Singles Championship For Men” was the actual introduction of open tennis to the. Of course, as the title indicates, U.S. open tennis introduction was a men’s competition—and astonishingly, it occurred in August 1881.

o The old event was staged at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island. This spectacle (much unlike today) was strictly a men’s event—singles played only.

o These tournaments were restricted to certain private clubs—only the elite members of the “United States National Lawn Tennis Association” were permitted to enter the facility and observe the U.S. open tennis games that occurred so long ago.

o The “U.S. National Men's Doubles Championship” was held for the first time in 1990. Tournaments narrowed down to the top players in both the east and the west of the nations. The method was to determine the “sectional winners” of U.S. open tennis.

o Following this would be a final play-off between the two winners. Each winner played defending champions in the challenge round.

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