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Tennis accessories

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Tennis accessories

Tennis accessories

What kind of tennis accessories do you prefer? What kind of tennis accessories do you already have? And by “tennis accessories,” I am not referring to tennis bracelets! I am referring to those items that help improve your tennis game or at least your time spent on the court.

Here are some of my favorite tennis accessories, and some of the ones that I find most important:

Tennis bag – first of all, you are going to need something to tote all of your tennis accessories around. I prefer a tennis bag that may only hold one tennis racquet, but also holds your tennis shoes, tennis clothes, water bottle, and other tennis gear that you want to have with you on the court. It is so easy to just grab your stocked-up tennis bag and head to the court! I like the Wilson Locker Pac Tote.
Overgrip or replacement grips – sometimes you just need to get a different grip on things! For a classic, natural replacement grip, try out a Babolat Natrual Leather Grip. One of my favorite overgrips is very simple – it’s the Prince No Sweat! Overgrip.
Vibration Dampener – before you go out and get your racquet restrung because you don’t like the vibrations, try out a vibration dampener. The Babolat vibration dampener is a great choice – it even lets you customize how much dampening.
Ball hopper – The Ballhopper Hi-Rise is one of my favorite tennis accessories. Whenever I want to go practice my serve, I just grab my Ballhopper Hi-Rise, full of balls, and head to the court. It stands up at about my hip-level, so I do not have to reach down to grab any balls. Then, once I have gone through all of the balls and need to clean up, the “stand” quickly folds up into a handle, turning the Ballhopper Hi-Rise into a regular ball hopper.
Sunglasses – OK, so sunglasses are not specifically tennis accessories. Nonetheless, a good pair, like the Bolle Boomslang Sunglasses can really be an asset while out on the court. Sunglasses like these protect your eyes and stay up on your face, no matter how much you are sweating.
Personal Scorekeeper – All right, so this is not the most important of all possible tennis accessories that you can take with you to the court. Nonetheless, as a person with a less-than-perfect memory, I have found a personal scorekeeper to be a wonderful asset during the game. A Personal Scorekeeper, like the one by Rally Tennis, can help you keep score, so that you don’t have to try to remember the correct score at the beginning of each serve.
Tennis socks – when I am out playing tennis, nothing bothers me more than when I forget to bring a good pair of tennis socks. That is why I am sure to keep a good pair of socks in my tennis bag at all times – these two tennis accessories are never separated from each other (except, of course, when I must wear and/or wash my socks!) Anyhow, good tennis socks keep my feet dry, cushioned, and blister-free. With the right socks on my feet, I can concentrate on the game at hand, rather than on my feet.

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