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Junior tennis racquets

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Junior tennis racquets

Junior tennis racquets

When picking out junior tennis racquets, it is best to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. For instance, most junior tennis racquets are going to come with some sort of label that states how old or tall the child who uses it should be. Many junior tennis racquets also state whether the racquet is for a beginner or more advanced junior player.

If you have a child who wants to learn how to play tennis, it is important to start him or her out with a junior tennis racquet. Junior tennis racquets are lighter an more maneuverable than adult racquets, and they are adapted to young players.

If a junior uses an adult tennis racquet, he or she could start to develop bad habits as they over compensate for a heavy racquet. Also, using a tennis racquet that is not the right size and weight, etc., for a player could lead to injury. Make sure that your junior uses proper junior tennis racquets!

Here are some general guidelines that you can follow to pick out the best junior tennis racquets for your children (be aware that many of these guidelines overlap. Use your best judgment and/or ask questions and read the label of particular junior tennis racquets to decide which are really best for your child) :

• If your child is five years or younger and/or 3 feet 11 inches or shorter, then the right junior tennis racquet for him or her is one with a 19 inch to 21 inch frame.
• If your child is between five and six years old and/or 3 feet 11 inches. A light weight of 7 ounces and a head size of 91 sq. in. or so is good. Try out a grip size of about 3 and ¾ inches.
• For children ages 6 to 8 and/or 3 foot 11 inches to 4 foot 6 inches should use a 23 inch frame.
• If your child is over 4 foot 2 inches, consider a 25 inch frame with about a 100 square inch head (or more). This size is good if your child is getting closer to ready for an adult size racquet but still needs the lighter weight, balance, and maneuverability of a junior tennis racquet.
• A 26” frame is the right size for children around 8 to 12 years of age and around 4 foot 6 to 5 feet tall. A weight of nearly 8 ounces is fine.

Again, when picking out the right junior tennis racquets for your children, it is important to consider what the manufacturer of each individual racquet recommends. The above is only a general guideline, designed to give you and idea as to where to start.

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