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How to grip a tennis racquet

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How to grip a tennis racquet

How to grip a tennis racquet

Learning how to grip a tennis racquet is like learning how to shake hands with an inanimate object. That may seem strange, but many people compare the most universal way of teaching “how to grip a tennis racquet” – teaching the Eastern grip – to shaking hands. If this is the case, the continental grip is more like an awkward handshake with a stranger you did not want to meet.

If you are new to tennis, it is generally thought to be best to start out with an Eastern grip. As you get better, though, you are going to want to incorporate the continental grip into your tennis grip repertoire. The continental grip works well with many shot – especially serves and volleys overheads – and it feels relatively comfortable.

Here are some tips on how to grip a tennis racquet. Note: these instructions are for a right-handed player – if you are left-handed, simply take these instructions and do a magical “vice versa.”

• Take a look at your racquet. Notice how there are 8 sides to it. There are four flat sides and 4 beveled (angled) sides. Generally two of the flat sides are wider than the other two.
• Take your racquet in your left hand and hold it perpendicular to the ground.
• Now, take your right hand and place it on the racquet as though you are shaking hands.
• Still holding the tennis racquet perpendicular to the ground, take your pointer finger of your right hand and place the base knuckle (the knuckle of your fist…) over the upper right beveled side.
• Generally, when you have your hand on the racquet like this, it feels best if you turn your racquet from the current 12 o’clock position (perpendicular to the ground) to a 1 o’clock position (11 o’clock if you are left-handed).
• Keep your fingers slightly spaced apart.
• Your thumb is going to run along the length of the handle.
• Your thumb and pointer finger will create a “V” shape which should be pointed toward you.

These are only tips for how to grip a tennis racquet if you plan to use a continental grip. The Eastern requires you (most basically) to switch your hand back to the 12 o’clock position.

If this article has not taught you how to grip a tennis racquet, then there are plenty of other articles online that can – check out other articles to find out how to grip a tennis racquet with an Eastern grip, Western grip, or other grips.

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